Why should I participate in the EL CID as an international student?

  • Get to know Leiden! 
  • Meet lots of new people. Two experienced Dutch students will guide you around the city and answer any questions you might have. 
  • Get acquainted with your faculty and your study programme. 
  • Explore Leiden’s night life!
  • The EL CID is the only introduction week to become a member of a (Dutch) student fraternity!
  • Immerse in Dutch culture! What better way to experience real Leiden’s student life than participating in cultural activities, sightseeing and partying with the Dutch people.

If you want more information about your study or student life in general, please visit the website of Leiden university (URL).

Or visit the website www.studyinholland.nl to learn more about the Dutch education system or the Dutch culture (URL).

Practical info

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When does the EL CID-week take place?
The EL CID-week takes place from the 13th up until the 17th of August 2018. Make sure your agenda is blocked during that time.

Sign Up: Registration is open from the 1st of March onwards.

Fees: The fee for the EL CID week including its activities is €80,-. Lunches and dinners are included as well. The fee for our sleeping facilities is €25 for the whole week.

Emergencies: You will find a First Aid post at most EL CID events. For emergencies you can also phone the Coordination Desk (+3171 527 8327). EL CID has a General Practitioner ready all week. The Dutch alarm number is 112.

Packing list

Surely you want to be well-prepared for the EL CID-week. It might come in handy to bring the following things:

  • Programme booklet
  • Identification documents
  • A raincoat
  • Enough (clean) clothes for five days
  • Charger(s)
  • Towel(s)
  • Comfy shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Bicycle (you can bring your own, but it is possible to buy one during the week)
  • Sports- and swimclothing
  • If you sleep in the dormitory: sleeping bag and mat
  • Medicine
  • Cash


Are you about to start your studies at Leiden University or the University of Applied Sciences Leiden? Then we invite you to take part in the biggest and best introduction week of the city: the EL CID. Each year about 3600 students participate in EL CID-week, so as a first-year student in Leiden you cannot afford to miss it! This year’s EL CID will take place from the 13th of August until the 17th of August.

The EL CID is not the only introduction week related to Leiden University. Most of the students participating in EL CID speak Dutch the programme will be in Dutch as well. The Orientation Week Leiden (OWL) is an introduction week that focusses on international students only. The Hague Orientation Programme (HOP) is organized for students starting their studies in the Hague. It is possible to combine the two or three introduction weeks.

Click here if you want to see which introduction week suits you the best.

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